Costume Jewelry

So we decided to start selling Jewelry . More specifically Costume Jewelry, Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces.

The question now that we have over 100 items listed. It it worth it. Over the next month we are going to track Jewelry sales and see where they are at.

So far best selling Pieces of Jewelry have been Cameo and Locket Necklaces.


Next week I’ll update you on the previous post about promotions.

Promotions – are they useful

Are promotions useful? Well that all depends on what you are promoting, how you are promoting and if the ROx is worth it.  (ROx is my term for return on x, where x can be investment or time etc).

I am continuing to explore all sorts of fun features on ebay. Today I utilized the promotion tool and created a buy 1 get on free sale.

Check it out now!  Buy 1, get 1 free (add 2 to cart) Buy One Get One Free On Select Items Men’s Clothing Bogo Sale . We carry most major brands, Nike, Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren. Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets and Pants

I admit Marketing has been the trickiest part. You can create an endless amount of sales but if you can’t get anyone to click on your link, the sale is useless.

So we will see if this promotion turns out to be useful in a few days.


Side Hustling and Ebay

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Life as it is takes us in different directions. I have a new job, new Gf and a new side hustle. I Needed to make some extra money to save up for a house so I decided to open an ebay shop. Visit us here  MiddleHands

A lot of articles are written on what to sell on ebay, but not on how to maximize you sales on ebay.  Today we are going to cover 3 critical places you should market, and a great ebay tool to market with. The first thing you need to do is create a code-less coupon.

Such as this one (Save 30% on orders of 10$ or more)       <-Click here to activate coupon expires after Christmas.

The next step you should do is to view your coupon in your storefront.

Then click the share button, share to the listed social media sites.

Step 2: I highly suggest doing is creating a blog post such as this one that notifies other parts of your network about such sale.

Step 3: I create a longer running code-less coupon and print them on a business card service such as vista print, and hand those out to everyone I See.

These coupons will increase your traffic to your store and allow you to engage more shoppers.  (Save 30% on orders of 10$ or more)       <-Click here to activate coupon.

A good leader only needs to posses one trait

After doing a lost research and having the privilege of running my own business, I’ve found that good leaders have a variety of traits, but in the end a leader only need to posses one vital trait to be a good leader and that is: A good leader is a person who gets the MOST out of their employees with the LEAST amount of alienation.

To prove this lets reverse the sentence and see if still it make sense:  A good leader is a person who gets the LEAST out of their employees with the MOST amount of alienation.

Compare the two sentences and see what happens.

1) If you are getting the most out of your employees, then they are producing, and if they are not alienated, they are happy employees. We all know that a happy employee is a productive employee. A person who is happy is comfortable and will not go out to seek another job.

2)If you are getting the least out of your employees they are not being productive. If the employee is being highly alienated, you are now giving the employee more reasons to leave than to stay. Humans are lazy and creatures of comfort, so if you don’t give them more reasons to leave than to stay they will stay, Otherwise they will be looking for new jobs while they are supposed to be working.

In the end the only question you need to ask  yourself as a leader, is : Do I get the most out of my employees with the least amount of alienation? If the answer is no then, you need to dig deeper and figure out how to do so.




The self awareness of thought

Thoughts, they are elusive little bastards! You hold on to thought for hours and hours, days and days, then when the time comes and it is perfect to unleash this thought, the little fucker up and runs away.

Leaving you struggling to try to “remember” what you were just thinking. You Curse as you remind yourself once again to write down your thoughts, yet in the end forgetting to do so. Ironic is it not?

 This leads me to the conclusion, that thoughts contain power within themselves, and these thoughts also have awareness about themselves. This awareness allows them to escape your mind, when they deem themselves to powerful, or destructive to be yielded outside one’s own imagination and unleashed into the universe through the careless hands of a human being.

And god said.

And god said to all people.

“I only Exist in your imagination.”

Ethics, and the natural law.

Definition, Natural law: A body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.
The problem with natural law is the definition is flawed, and is does not align with empirical natural laws. Thus causing unneeded confusion for the already confusion bound field of philosophy.
A natural law ought to be defined as “A condition that cannot be violate by choice, and is bound entirely outside of choice”.
A natural law must occur consistently throughout nature, and withstand all empirical tests aside from choice. Gravity is a good example of a natural law. It occurs beyond our own choosing, and we cannot choose to violate it. I.e. I can throw an apple in the air, but without the aid of another device, the apple will be bound to the law of gravity.
The fact that generally ethical people chose to be unethical from time to time, creates a contradiction that one cannot over look, combine this with the very existence of people who are amoral; one can draw no other logical conclusion than: ethics cannot be constructed with the concept of natural law. The only part of ethics is bound by natural law is the determination of whether a person is moral or amoral. This is the only area in ethics, that the person had no choice, and even if they had wanted to choose differently, it would not affect the result, because their ethics would bound to them by the natural law.

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